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What is the Student Advisory Council?

The Student Advisory Council is a select group of K12-powered students from around the country who serve as advisors for their peers as well as brand ambassadors for K12 and their schools. Through this paid internship opportunity, they provide valuable feedback and insight about their experiences with career readiness education.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Fall 2022 Cohort

Caitie Brady photo

Caitie Brady

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon

Career Field: Arts, AV Technology, and Communications

Grade: 11

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, animating, horse riding, competing in Taekwondo tournaments, and spending time with my horses Diesel and Rocky

My dream job is to be a criminal defense lawyer or a sports injury defense lawyer. There are so many wrongfully convicted people who are innocent and so many athletes who get cheated out of getting the proper medical care when it is needed. I want to be the one to help them.

Fall 2021 Cohort

Paige Edwards photo

Paige Edwards

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon

Career Field: Arts, Information, and Communications

Grade: Graduate

Hobbies: Reading and writing fiction, cooking, crafting, watching movies and shows with my mom, playing piano, listening to music

 I chose the Digital Design pathway because it sounded interesting and most beneficial for the career I’m currently exploring. In the modern world, digital everything is becoming the norm, meaning that having at least a base knowledge will be very helpful. Additionally, fundraising will be a big part of the career I wish to pursue, so being able to create visually pleasing presentations and designs will be very helpful. 

Lilly Kolbet photo

Lilly Kolbet

Destinations Career Academy of Oregon

Career Field: Arts, Information, and Communications

Grade: 10

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, animating

After high school, I am going to go to college. Then I am going to start life as an artist/graphic designer as well as trying my luck with voiceover.

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