Special Services

Annual Public Notice of Special Services and Programs

In accordance with federal and state regulations, Destinations Career Academy of Oregon (ORDCA) will provide an annual public notice to families informing them of the school’s child find responsibilities, procedures involved in the identification of educational disabilities, and determination of students’ service and support needs.

Families are encouraged to review the following information that describes these regulations. Information regarding the school’s internal practices to comply with these will be available in the Annual Parent and Student Handbook.

Student Resource Coordinator

Kinsey Owen

McKinney-Vento /Special Services Liaison

Kinsey Owen

Foster Care Liaison

Kinsey Owen

Section 504 Coordinator

Samantha Love

Assistant Administrator Special Programs

Mary Blazer

Talented and Gifted Education Coordination

English Language Learner Teacher/Coordinator

Mitchel Page

Migrant Education Coordinator

Mitchel Page

Interpreter Services

Enrollment Dispute Process

If a dispute arises over school selection or enrollment, the student shall be immediately admitted to the school requested, pending resolution of the dispute.

The parent or guardian of the student shall be provided with a written explanation of the school’s decision regarding school selection, including the rights of the parent, guardian, or student to appeal the decision through the school’s discrimination complaint procedure.

The student, parent, or guardian shall be referred to the school’s liaison, who shall ensure the resolution process is carried out as expeditiously as possible. In the case of an unaccompanied student, the school’s liaison shall ensure the student is immediately enrolled in school pending the resolution of the dispute.